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As of 30th June 2018, LeanMachine no longer supplies health supplements, however www.leanmachine.net.au/healthblog continually updates many health issues, and is non-profit, existing only to help others regain or improve their health.

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This is the best starting point for over 300 articles on Coronavirus, and over another 300 articles on many other health issues.
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About LeanMachine

Brenton Wight is the “LeanMachine” and also the KBA webmaster, responsible for creating and maintaining this site. All suggestions, edits, updates, events, etc please email Brenton at sales@leanmachine.com.au
Brenton Wight came to Kapunda in 2010 – the best life decision ever!
At that time he was obese, sick, tired, allergic to many things.
After healthy changes, including:

  • Healthy diet of real, natural, unprocessed foods
  • Quitting sugar, trans fats (fried foods), grains, fizzy drinks
  • Adding a range of health supplements
  • Getting more intense exercise

Brenton then lost 25kg in the first year to become a “Lean Machine” and then started helping others do the same, and the LeanMachine business was born. This is now Brenton’s Life Mission.
At the same time, Heather Wight had uncontrolled diabetes and was on diabetes medication and three blood pressure drugs and statins. She also lost 25kg, and now has no diabetes, no blood pressure, no drugs, and definitely no statins and no Nexium – all responsible for wrecking health.
Both Brenton and Heather have never had a cold or flu since 2010, and no vaccinations.
LeanMachine never gets sick, is full of energy, sleeps like a baby, has not even had a headache in 10 years, all allergies disappeared, and much of the grey hair has returned to it’s youthful colour!
Channel 9 reported on 11/02/2017 that vitamins do nothing and are a waste of money. This report came from Forbes, well-known for being in the pocket of the drug companies. No mention of the true facts:

  • Prescription medication kills hundreds of thousands of people every year
  • Vitamins do not kill anyone
  • LeanMachine is living proof that supplements help prevent disease

Now at age 74, LeanMachine will never be an Olympic Athlete, but will always be better than those others stooped over with a walking frame or confined to a Nursing Home…


LeanMachine is not a doctor, and everyone should consult with their own health professional before taking any product to ensure there is no conflict with existing prescription medication.
LeanMachine has been studying nutrition and health since 2010 and has completed many relevant studies including:
Open2Study, Australia – Food, Nutrition and Your Health
RMIT University, Australia – Foundations of Psychology
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia – Chemistry – Building Blocks of the World
University of Washington, USA – Energy, Diet and Weight
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA – Health Issues for Aging Populations
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA – International Nutrition
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA – Methods in Biostatistics I
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA – Methods in Biostatistics II
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA – Principles of Human Nutrition
TUFTS University, USA – Nutrition and Medicine
TUFTS University, USA – Lipids/Cardiovascular Disease I and Lipids/Cardiovascular Disease II
Technical Learning College, USA – Western Herbology, Identification, Formulas
Bath University, England – Inside Cancer
WebMD Education – The Link Between Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation
LeanMachine has now studied thousands of journals and reports related to health and nutrition and this research is ongoing.

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