Totally Locally Kapunda

Kapunda Business Alliance set up Totally Locally in Kapunda with a view to keeping Kapunda prosperous by encouraging residents to shop locally.
This has been a great success.

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Big corporations   put a staggering amount of time and money into advertising, which gives corporate products an unfair advantage over smaller, localized businesses.

Totally Locally has been running for years in Kapunda, sponsored by KBA.
In Kapunda, we love our independent shops and businesses, and like many other Totally Locally towns,  we are now having a structured branding and marketing approach, working smarter with great people who care, and playing the big boys at their own game.

Totally Locally works on the economics of being nice, helping each other in every way we can. That way we all thrive.

Totally Locally branding campaign is built around core messages:
– The Magic $10
– Hidden Gems

What Totally Locally can do:
The Magic $10 Message is simple.
Just switch $10 of your weekly shopping from chain stores, big supermarkets or online, to an independent business in Kapunda. We are not saying people must only shop locally, all we ask is that they try to spend $10 from their shopping budget locally. If all adults in Kapunda did this, then about $7 million dollars would be kept in the town every year.

Local money gets recycled.
The baker, the plumber, the electrician, the builder, the accountant, the hairdresser, the hardware shop, the shoe shop, the coffee shops, all use that money to buy from their fellow business owners, so in many cases, that money gets recycled over and over again.

Outside money is lost forever.
If we shop exclusively out of town or online, then we never see that money again.
This is the difference between a town thriving and dying.

Hidden Gems
Shoppers love “Hidden Gems” — the unique local businesses that make Kapunda different from any other. Keeping those Hidden Gems alive seems to be the real driving force behind all of Totally Locally’s work.
Totally Locally was created, and continues with passion, to celebrate the fantastic shops, businesses and people that we have in Kapunda, our Hidden Gems that make Kapunda different, more colourful, and better to live in.