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Kapunda isn’t only rich in history and fascinating heritage. It is home to a burgeoning pastoral industry and is a great contributor to Australia’s wine industry.

But behind the alluring structures of the once booming mining center, it gained the title, “The Most Haunted Town in Australia”.

Over the years, locals and tourists gave various reports of ghosts sightings in the infamous North Kapunda Hotel. Some reports include a ghost of a woman and a little child walking around the hotel’s second floor; and a disembodied voice and spirits shouting and shoving guests in the corridors.

Aside from the hotel, we will visit Kapunda Court, where criminals receive their fate; then we’ll take you to a very informative tour down main street as you listen to the tales and details of the crimes in the early 1800s, way back when Kapunda was still a bustling mining town and which was nearly the capital of South Australia.

Get to know Sidney Kidman and his contributions to South Australia’s people, to the government and its heritage. Discover his legacy and know why Australians call him the “Cattle King”.

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